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Australian Defence Business Review

The Australian Defence Business Review (ADBR) serves the specialist needs of Australian defence capability managers, and the emerging requirements of multi-domain operations and defence industry in the Indo-Pacific region.

ADBR provides a rich source of market intelligence and long-form analysis of defence capability delivered by Australia’s largest, most qualified, and experienced team of journalists and operational analysts trained and educated to post-graduate level in the Australian Defence Force.

Led by award-winning journalist Andrew McLaughlin, ADBR is focussed on the future, providing expert, credible and insightful comment about capability management and development. It integrates the people, ideas, and technology which impact all the domains of the ADF, Australia’s allies, and regional interests.

Widely distributed across Governments, senior capability managers, and key defence industry organisations and academia, ADBR is produced in print and digital magazine and in Defence-trusted web formats.

ADBR creates original content and is printed and published in Australia.

Australian Defence Magazine

AUSTRALIAN DEFENCE MAGAZINE (ADM) is dedicated to reporting the business of defence capability planning and procurement as well as reporting the development of infrastructure to support the ADF.

ADM's main objective is to provide an essential communications bridge between defence industry and its single source customer, the Department of Defence.

ADM also reports on the budgetary process, the policy development, the capability planning process and the procurement decisions which together provide the equipment and resources for Australia’s defence force. is the trusted website serving the business of defence ONLINE from the leading defence business magazine – ADM. Imagine the attention your special promotion on the ADM site can gain –  the website is the ideal forum for extending your integrated media campaign or for that special one-off promotional project targeting the defence/industry decisionmakers in Australia.


Armada has been the trusted source of defence technology analysis since 1976. We publish original, objective information about defence technologies and procurement programmes for decision makers and influencers in militaries, governments, and industry around the world.

Its dedication to in-depth and authoritative analysis has made Armada International a trusted and authoritative source for impartial defence analysis around the world.

Asian Military Review: Since 1993, AMR has become widely recognised as an authoritative provider of unbiased and objective information to its global readership comprising the military, government, industry and academia.

The editorial content includes capability analysis, special reports and relevant news coverage from the region, making it the preferred professional journal for of those working in Asian military and defence organisations.

Australian Defence Magazine

Asia Pacific Defence Reporter (APDR) is the longest established defence publication in Australia, spanning 46 years of reporting timely information and analysis relevant to current and future Australian and regional defence.

With its leading comprehensive coverage of ADF acquisition programmes, new military technologies and warfighting material, APDR continues to be essential reading for defence professionals and their international partners. ONLINE information source, in conjunction with APDRs e-magazine in mobile easy to read format continues to offer daily news updates developing a wide audience of industry professionals.

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Jane's By IHS Markit

Chipotle Publishing, LLC is home to Small Arms Defense JournalSmall Arms ReviewSemper Fi, and California Firing Line. Chipotle also publishes books about small arms, such as The MAC Man and AK-47: The Grim Reaper.

Distributed at defense trade shows worldwide, Small Arms Defense Journal is a bimonthly publication that focuses on small arms, accessories, soldier gear, new products, industry news, and defense trade show reviews.