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LAND FORCES 2018  SME Innovation Grant
1. Name and Address of Company:
Company Name:
Address of Company:

2. ACN of Company or Australian Business Number:
ACN of Company:

3. Are you an SME? If so, how many employees do you have?:
(Please note Paragraphs 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 and 2.4 of the Selection Criteria for this award.)

4. Declaration of Australian Ownership:

5. Point of Contact for this Nomination:
Job Title:
Postal Address:

6. Brief Description of Innovation Nominated for this Award and the benefits it delivers:
Innovation can be described simply as something that is either new to the adopter or that changes the adopter’s circumstances and/or behaviour – and it may be a combination of all three. Please frame your description using this framework as guidance. (Attach additional pages if necessary - marked as Annexe A)
Upload Additional Information:

7. Evidence of Commercial Success or Demonstrated Commercial Potential:
Commercial Success': – have you developed a new and innovative product or service, and then sold it recently to a launch customer? If so, then you meet this criterion.
'Demonstrated Market Potential': You may have a product or service ready for the market that hasn’t yet achieved a sale; newness of the innovation is not a problem if you satisfy the other two criteria, have a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of around 7 or, ideally, 8 (System Qualified Through Test and Demonstration) and can show a reasoned plan, based on a quantified estimate of market demand and a well thought-out roadmap to bring your innovation to market.

(Please note Paragraphs 2.1 and 2.2 of the Selection Criteria for this award. If any or all of this information is Confidential for any reason, please indicate here and contact the Chair of the judging panel directly for further instructions)

8. Evidence of Understanding of User Needs:
Demonstrate your understanding of the user and the environment he or she is operating in and the benefits and positive changes your innovation can deliver.
(Attach additional pages if necessary - marked as Annexe B)
Upload Additional Information:

9. Evidence of Originality and Innovation:
Measures of originality and innovation are simple: if nobody has thought of it before, then it’s original. It’s innovative if it allows the user to change and improve his or her processes and procedures and achieve a superior outcome – the greater the change, the better the outcome, the greater the impact of the innovation.
(Attach additional pages if necessary - marked as Annexe C)
Upload Additional Information:

10. Does this innovation fall into one of the following four (4) categories?:
  Combat Equipment and Mobility - anything from body armour and personal equipment up to guided weapons, high velocity guns for armoured vehicles and advanced truck and vehicle designs
  Autonomous and Unmanned Systems - anything from hand-held UAVs, airborne payloads and advanced ground stations to robots, autonomous battlefield surveillance sensors and vehicles
  Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) - anything from an infra red weapon sight or tactical sensor to a corps-level battle management system, satellite communications link, Artificial Intelligence (AI) or cyber security capability.
  None of the above (Please note: entries in this category are strongly encouraged and still eligible to win the SME Innovation Grant)

11. Name and Approval of Authorised Nominee:
  NB –  Deliberately falsifying data on the entry form will result in immediate disqualification
Job Title: