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Understanding the importance of ILS in the Defence Capability Life Cycle

Thursday 6 September
0900 - 1030

This event is open and complimentary to LAND FORCES 2018 trade visitors, exhibitors and conference delegates. Click here to register and make your expression of interest to attend (please note that your expression of interest does not guarantee you a place; Numbers at the LAND FORCES 2018 complimentary conferences are limited and spaces are not guaranteed. Attendance is subject to availability and is on a first come, first served basis).

Theatrette, Exhibition Floor, Hall 4, Adelaide Convention Centre


Understanding the importance of ILS in the Defence Capability Life Cycle - Presented by Mr Ian Mortimer, ILS Services Manager, Logistic Engineering Services.

The basic premise of Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) is to influence design for supportability. With 70% to 80% of the costs of a capability being incurred during the In-Service phase, this highlights the importance of gathering sufficient qualitative data to underpin the relevant analyses when designing the support system during Acquisition. This can be negatively impacted through a lack of clear understanding of the importance of collecting, analysing and maintaining good ILS data for the many Logistic Support Analysis (LSA) processes and activities that support the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the capability throughout its Life Cycle.

New capability programs may not end up realising the optimum TCO for the customer (Commonwealth) as a consequence of either insufficient or poor quality ILS data being captured and maintained during the Acquisition phase; this ILS data is key to supporting the required LSA activities and requires an appreciation of their impact on the design of the Support System. This can, in turn, adversely impact on their ability to react to change and realise the most efficient and effective In-Service activities; which diminishes likelihood of renewed Support Contracts. The ability of the Sustainment Contractors to review, analyse and modify the support system, to realise improvements in reliability, availability and maintainability maximises the cost benefits to both the contractor and the customer.

Project initiation strategies should include early training and awareness across all stakeholders (Commonwealth and Industry) to ensure that the importance of the ILS Program in both Acquisition and In-Service is understood, that there is an awareness of the software tools and Standards available and that cost-effective sustainment of the capability can be achieved.

Ian Mortimer
Senior ILS Practitioner
Logistic Engineering Services Pty Ltd