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Land Science Innovation (LSI) Conference



In conjunction with LAND FORCES , DST Group is convening the Land Science and Innovation (LSI) Conference with the theme of “Accelerated Warfare”.

LSI, formerly known as Future Land Force Conference, is Australia’s premier event for defence researchers, industry professionals, and academics interested in transforming the military land force through science and technology.

Hosted in Brisbane, Australia. It will address the question of how science and technology can help a modern land force to prepare and design for accelerating change across cooperation, competition and conflict.

LSI will include invited and technical presentations, interactive sessions, and a panel discussion with well-regarded national and international defence science, industry and military representatives.

Conference program elements comprise:

  1. Technology Dimension of Accelerated Warfare
  2. Science and Technology for an Army in Motion
For further information regarding the Land Science Innovation (LSI) Conference, please send your enquiries to