Armada International

ARMADA INTERNATIONAL is one of the worlds leading, and most respected defence publications, Armada International provides unrivalled reporting and analysis regarding defence technology, procurement trends and ongoing operations.

Together with its exclusive Compendium supplements, the magazine gives the global defence community the information it needs to make the right decisions.

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Asian Military Review

ASIAN MILITARY REVIEW is the largest circulated and only audited (ABC certified) defence magazine in Asia & Pacific region. The magazine is the the preferred professional reading of Asian militaries and a reliable source of information for nearly all the key decision makers and advisors to the Asia Pacific defence forces.

Asian Military Review has very relevant articles on capability analysis, special reports and relevant news coverage from the Asia Pacific region. It is a proven source by which Asian military professionals are kept up to date on issues that affect the militaries’ ability to effect national and international defence and security issues.

Asian Military Review is media partner and has bonus distribution at all leading aerospace and defence events worldwide.

For reaching out and communicating to Asia Pacific armed & para-military forces, government & ministries, defence professional & Institutes, think tanks etc. Asian Military Review magazine & website is an ideal medium for advertising and other communication needs.

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Asia Pacific Defence Reporter

ASIA-PACIFIC DEFENCE REPORTER (APDR) is Australia’s leading and longest running defence publication, now in its 43rd year. APDR’s editorial team are true industry experts and under the direction of Kym Bergmann, provide news and authoritative analysis on defence issues and developments throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

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Australian Defence Magazine

AUSTRALIAN DEFENCE MAGAZINE (ADM) is dedicated to reporting the business of defence capability planning and procurement as well as reporting the development of infrastructure to support the ADF.

ADM main objective is to provide an essential communications bridge between defence industry and its single source customer, the Department of Defence.

ADM reports also on the budgetary process, the policy development, the capability planning process and the procurement decisions which together provide the equipment and resources for Australia's defence force.

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Defence Connect

DEFENCE CONNECT is set to shake up the marketplace as the first truly integrated platform connecting industry with defence.

This fresh new approach will transform the way in which defence and industry connect, merging traditional media, such as print, with a sophisticated digital platform supported by big data and social media that will underpin the defence industry's drive to better collaborate, connect and engage.

Defence Connect will increase connectivity and engagement between government, military and industry - helping to deliver greater capabilities to Australia's Defence Force.

Geared for tomorrow's defence industry - and a truly integrated, networked defence force backed by the Defence White Paper – Defence Connect represents an ambitious new approach that supports the evolving defence sector as it responds to the challenges posed by expanding domains of warfare as well as traditional threats.

Defence Connect will empower all businesses, agencies, departments and institutions involved in defence procurement and delivering defence capabilities.

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Defence Review Asia

DEFENCE REVIEW ASIA (DRA) is a regional defence magazine published by Asian Press Group Pte Ltd in Singapore. Its objective is to meet the requirements of regional defence professionals with unbiased quality coverage of defence issues in the Asia-Pacific region.

Asia has become one of the largest and most demanding defence markets in the world with the region undergoing continual development. Unlike existing titles, DRA does not take a national perspective, but a regional view, covering events that will have an impact on the regional defence scene.

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Land Warfare International

LWI - LAND WARFARE INTERNATIONAL is the go-to source for industry intelligence in the land warfare domain and provides the latest information and analysis on new technologies as well as the most up-to-date information on land programmes around the world.

LWI, alongside the Infantry Equipment HandbookArtillery and Air Defence Handbook and Armoured Vehicles Handbook, is the leading source for all of the latest news, analysis and in-depth features on armoured vehicle developments, light to heavy weaponry as well as soldier technologies.

Content is specifically tailored to ensure that land capabilities are the main focus - a key advantage for those working either in industry or the armed forces - and a wide breadth of topics are covered that are relevant to LWI's readership of 52,000 government, military and industry personnel.

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DB - DIGITAL BATTLESPACE provides the latest information and analysis on new C4ISR technologies as well as the most up-to-date information on programmes from around the world.

DB is the only magazine that exclusively covers the full C4ISR spectrum, while reaching a print/digital readership of over 27,900.

Content is specifically tailored to ensure that C4I capabilities are the main focus - a key advantage for those working either in industry or the armed forces. It covers land, sea and air, giving it a wide breadth of topics relevant to all readers and advertisers.

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Small Arms Defense Journal

SMALL ARMS DEFENSE JOURNAL is a bimonthly publication that focuses on small arms, accessories, gear for the soldier, new products, industry news, and defense trade shows.

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