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LAND FORCES 2018 National Innovation Award

Boeing Defence Australia Limited - Currawong Battlespace Communications Systems

The Currawong Battlespace Communications System automates deployment and management for the Australian Defence Force, transferring secure data, voice and video between Australian headquarters and deployed forces globally. Extensive side by side development and testing conquered complexity, schedule and budget. This Australian technology has shifted the signals unit’s role from managing delicate links to supplying a dynamically optimised network resource.

Key program features include:

  • Agile sprint methodology
  • Flexibility to adapt contract requirements and design
  • Smart investment, growing Australian small businesses’ genuine capability

This innovative approach has delivered the world’s most advanced Battlespace Communications System with:

  • Improved deployability, availability and performance
  • Resilience to damage, denial and environment
  • Reduced equipment size, weight and power
  • Global reach using modern technology


For enquiries about the Innovation Awards contact:
Gregor Ferguson – Executive Manager Industry Development
Tel: 0414 803 717

For Media enquiries contact:
Philip Smart – Executive Manager Corporate Communications
Tel: 0438 311 644