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LAND FORCES 2018 Innovation Award for Combat equipment and Mobility

DMTC Limited and Planet Innovation - Nplex - a Rapid, Field Deployable Diagnostic System

Australia needs a sovereign industrial medical countermeasures capability in order to be ready to respond to a range of natural or man-made threats, diseases and pandemics.

This DMTC project, through its industry partner Planet Innovation, is investigating a range of novel technology improvements to enable rapid detection of security sensitive biological agents. The DMTC team’s solution, Nplex, offers a high sensitivity diagnostic device that can quickly identify causative infectious disease agents at the point of care, reducing the time of diagnosis from hours or days to just 10-15 minutes and allowing appropriate response/treatment action to be taken immediately.

The project is also developing an in-country supply chain of capable, Australian-based SMEs to manufacture components that historically have only been sourced from overseas. In this way, the project is not only providing an important national health security capability but also creating new market and export opportunities for Australian industry.



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