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Simulation Conference -

Tuesday 4 September, Wednesday 5 September and Thursday 6 September
Tuesday: 0900 - 1200 and 1330 - 1630
Wednesday: 0900 - 1200 and 1300 - 1600
Thursday: 0900 - 1700
This event is open and complimentary to LAND FORCES 2018 trade visitors, exhibitors and conference delegates. Click here to register and make your expression of interest to attend (please note that your expression of interest does not guarantee you a place; Numbers at the LAND FORCES 2018 complimentary conferences are limited and spaces are not guaranteed. Attendance is subject to availability and is on a first come, first served basis).
Tuesday: 0900 - 1200, Room L1, Ground Level, Adelaide Convention Centre
Tuesday: 1330 - 1630, Room L2 & L3 combined, Ground Level, Adelaide Convention Centre
Wednesday: 0900 - 1200, Room L2 & L3 combined, Ground Level, Adelaide Convention Centre
Wednesday 1300 - 1600, Room L1, Ground Level, Adelaide Convention Centre
Thursday: 0900 - 1700, Stand 5A39, Exhibition Floor, Adelaide Convention Centre


Simulation, VR/AR, immersive environments, human, robotic and AI interactions are rapidly converging in the defence domain. With the technology and its use progressing at an exponential rate, errors could be made by overriding the human considerations and not selecting the best modality to achieve the desired training or mission outcome.

Over two days at Land Forces, this essential program of local and international guest speaker presentations, demonstrations and discussions will put a spotlight on:

  • The appropriateness of the simulation modalities from reality based to virtual in relation to objectives;
  • The risk and impact of these modalities and interactions on the human; and
  • The learning science behind simulation and immersive training.

Hosted by the Asia Pacific Simulation Alliance, this Simulation Conference has been convened for key decision-makers from throughout the region attending LAND FORCES 2018, including government representatives, defence officials, military procurement managers and senior army officers.

Simulation and modelling technical demonstrations will be held by industry and academia to showcase capability within the LAND FORCES 2018 exhibition.

Free of charge to attend, the Simulation Conference is open to accredited registered professional visitors to LAND FORCES 2018.

Presentation Title:
   Human–machine teaming and implications for human performance and power projection
Keynote Speaker:

Lieutenant Colonel William D. Casebeer, Ph.D.
Innovation Lab Director, Beyond Conflict International
Lockheed Martin Research Manager in Human Systems and Autonomy 2014 – 2018
DARPA Manager 2010 – 2014

Presentation Title:
   The Warrior Combat Mindset
Keynote Speaker:

Ken Murray
Master Trainer and Founder, Reality Based Training Association



DAY ONE - Tuesday 4 September 2018

0930 - 1020
WORKSHOP - Human Factors in Simulation and Training: Considerations for Managers

Room L1, Adelaide Convention Centre

With the increasing adoption of immersive technologies and environments such as VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality) and MR (mixed reality), the risk and impact of these modalities on the human, such as cybersickness, is yet to be fully understood. Dr McGrath is a specialist in the field of human factors and will give an overview of considerations for managers and implementation for use of these technologies.

Dr Braden McGrath
Distinguished Visiting Professor, College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Department of Human Factors, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and Research Engineer and Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Education, Science, Technology and Mathematics, University of Canberra

1020 - 1050
PRESENTATION - On the Frontier of Virtual Training: An Overview of Future Technologies and their Implications for Training, Assessment and Research

Room L1, Adelaide Convention Centre

With growing accessibility to commercial virtual, augmented and mixed-reality platforms the role of immersive training and assessment has broadened to include a range of applications across many industries. This session will present a range of new technology platforms and their applications in VR-based training, from artificial intelligence to biometric feedback, as well as cover some of the questions being raised to professionals as the technology moves into new frontiers.

Emre Can Deniz
Director, Opaque Space

1050 - 1100
1100 - 1130
RESEARCH - Free-Roam VR Technology for Tactical Training: Physiological Arousal Effects

Room L1, Adelaide Convention Centre

This session shares the first trial of a free-roam virtual reality (FRVR) technology for military training. Soldiers performed a VR-simulated room clearance task. Immersion in combat-based FRVR caused robust increases in heart and respiratory rates. Thus, FRVR technology is capable of provoking significant stress response comparable with existing combat training modalities.

A/Prof Eugene Nalivaiko
School of Biomedical Sciences and Pharmacy, University of Newcastle

Major Dan Harrison
Staff Officer Training Support Systems, Land Simulation Program: Land Capability Division, Army Headquarters

1130 - 1200
RESEARCH - Case Study in the Use of Live and Virtual Simulation for Experimentation

Room L1, Adelaide Convention Centre

Dr Fidock will offer an overview on the recent international joint forces CUE 17 exercise and discuss the role of live and virtual simulation in the contested urban environment challenge held in Adelaide in November 2017.

Dr Justin Fidock
Project Leader Contested Urban Environment Strategic Challenge, Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG)

1200 - 1330
Lunch Break
1330 - 1430
Human-Machine Teaming and Implications for Defence Human Performance Improvement and Power Projection Across all Areas of Combat
Rooms L2/L3, Adelaide Convention Centre

Lieutenant Colonel William D. Casebeer, Ph.D.
Innovation Lab Director, Beyond Conflict International
Lockheed Martin Research Manager in Human Systems and Autonomy 2014 – 2018
DARPA Manager 2010 – 2014

1430 - 1500
1500 - 1630
Train as you Fight: Live Reality Based Training as a Key Enabler to Create the Combat Mindset in Force on Force Training

Rooms L2/L3, Adelaide Convention Centre

The Combat Mindset is a state of mind that prepares soldiers to kill the enemy and survive, then continue the fight. This state of mind offers the optimal paradigm for training Australian soldiers, and promotes the development of resilience and intuitive behaviours to perform in battle. Army training institutions are beginning to harness this Special Forces training philosophy to develop soldiers. This panel discusses reality based training as an enabler to instil the combat/warrior mindset. From the initial planning stage to the exercise using advanced opposing force combat effects, culminating in the reality of battle in hostile environments, the panel will discuss the role and place of reality based training in simulating the ultimate stress of war and the critically, physically interactive exchange between soldier and enemy.

Ken Murray
Master Trainer and Founder, Reality Based Training Association

WO2 Darren Mortimer
ADF Trainer, Department of Defence

LTCOL Grant Chambers
Commanding Officer, Training Task Unit 6, Army

Tad Pride
Director, CombatFX

DAY TWO - Wednesday 5 September 2018

0930 - 1030
The Warrior Combat Mindset
Rooms L2/L3, Adelaide Convention Centre

Ken Murray
Master Trainer and Founder, Reality Based Training Association

1100 - 1200
PANEL PRESENTATION - Beyond Training: Next Generation Technologies and Human Interactions

Rooms L2/L3, Adelaide Convention Centre

Technological advancements are enabling new relationships with mediums such synthetic agents, avatars, robots – to name a few. Are these mediums contributing to new forms of training and learning? Or are they merely reproducing what already exists in the ‘’theatre of the mind”? This panel of experts will draw on their experience in the field to interrogate the implications of next generation simulation training technologies and human interactions.

LTCOL William D. Casebeer, Ph.D.
Innovation Lab Director, Beyond Conflict International

LTCOL Jason Mildon
Deputy Director Land Simulation, Army Headquarters, Directorate of Land Simulation

Ken Murray
Master Trainer and Founder, Reality Based Training Association

1200 - 1300
Lunch Break
1300 - 1400
WORKSHOP - Scenario Writing

Room L1, Adelaide Convention Centre

LTCOL Chambers will draw on his extensive experience of training officers to offer insights into the development of
immersive and engaging scenarios for training purposes. He will be joined in conversation with Dr Crea a specialist in
scenario design for immersive environments.

LTCOL Grant Chambers
Commanding Officer, Training Task Unit 6, Army

Dr Teresa Crea
Development Lead - Simulation, Visualisation & Immersive Technology, University of NSW

1400 - 1430
PRESENTATION - Castor: A COTS Console for Learning
Room L1, Adelaide Convention Centre

Project Castor is a prototype for a future secure Defence learning platform. It utilises Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) capability via a games console to host an interactive learning environment and creating a platform for training that is more engaging and relevant to today’s personnel at all levels and areas within Defence.

Adrian Webb
Manager of Virtual Worlds, Australian Defence Simulation and Training Centre

1430 - 1450
1450 - 1620
PANEL PRESENTATION - Using Simulation to Train Leadership, Team Communication and Compliance
Room L1, Adelaide Convention Centre

This session will bring presenters from health, defence and manufacturing to share how different industries use simulation applications and methodologies to train teams or individuals across leadership, team communication and compliance.

Dr David Foley
Adelaide Nursing School, Faculty of Health Sciences, Adelaide Health & Medical Sciences, The University of Adelaide

LTCOL Jason Mildon
Deputy Director Land Simulation, Army Headquarters, Directorate of Land Simulation

Michael Pitt
National Development Manager, Weld Australia

DAY THREE - Thursday 6 September 2018

0930 - 1600

Exhibition Halls, Adelaide Convention Centre

Modelling and simulation demonstrations are scheduled throughout the day to showcase within the LAND FORCES 2018
exhibition halls.

0930 - 0950
Nobles - Simulation Training isn’t a New Idea, but VR Technology in the Crane Industry is a Game Changer

Nobles Booth - 4N4

Presenter: Malcolm Doyle

Simulators have been at the backbone of highly specialised, complex professional training programs for decades. Industries such as Aviation, Law Enforcement, Aerospace, and the Military rely on simulations to expose their team members to dangerous and sometimes life-threatening situations without actually putting them in harms way. With specialized niche industries proving that simulation training is valuable, why hasn't it spread to a larger scale? A number of the shortcoming of legacy simulation training (i.e. Screen-Based) are addressed by the advent of Virtual Reality (VR) Technology and allow for a scalable training simulation solution for industries across the board.

1000 - 1020
Opaque Media - AIVA: Training and Learning Management/Records Platform

Opaque Media Booth – 5A42

Presenter: James Bonner

Opaque has created simulations, visualisation tools and input technologies for a range of industries, including healthcare, military, construction, moviemaking, and spaceflight. On view at our booth will be a range of our training simulations and key demonstrations of how they tie into our flagship training and learning management/records platform, AIVA.

1030 - 1050
iSimulate - REALITi

APSA Booth – 5A39

Presenter: Brent Carlisle

REALITi allows you to deliver extremely effective medical simulation anywhere. In the field, on a ship, in a helicopter, the emergency room. Makes it easier, simpler and more cost-effective to train health professionals.

1100 - 1120
Weld Australia - Increasing the Welding Quality Standards

APSA Booth – 5A39

Presenter: Michael Pitt

State-of-the-art welding simulators are being installed around Australia, including the Regency Campus of TAFE SA to prepare South Australians for job opportunities in naval shipbuilding. Welding techniques required for shipbuilding are of a higher quality standard than regular welding techniques used in construction and manufacturing – welding simulators will allow students to practice their technique until they consistently meet the quality standard.

1130 - 1150
Forum8 AU - 3D Virtual Reality / Environmental Modelling Software

APSA Booth – 5A39

Presenter: Anita Byrnes

Forum8 develops 3D virtual reality/environmental modelling software, used in simulated driver training, and in engineering and human behaviour research. A suite of tools for terrain, road and virtual environment creation, and for driver logging and assessment, will be demonstrated. Forum8 links with various driving and walking simulators, and with VR headsets such as Oculus and Vive.

1200 - 1220
Rockwell Collins - The Future of Joint Fires: Extreme Battlefield Offensive Support System (XBOSS)

Rockwell Collins Booth – 2M22

Presenter: David Johnson

In the future the Joint Fires Specialist will be removed from the immediate battlefield and housed in a self-sustainable ballistic transportable box. The Extreme Battlespace Offensive Support System will provide the Joint Fires Specialist a synthetic environment of “fused reality” to conduct joint fires.

1300 - 1320
Cubic Defence Australia - EXCON Solutions

Cubic Defence Australia Booth – 1C3

Presenter: Mark Horn

Cubic will be demonstrating EXCON solutions for high level collective training events and for lower level training, such as homestation training with a synthetic wrap able to deliver joints effects to the individual soldiers and platforms in the live training event.

1330 - 1350
Cedar - Operator Workload and Performance Assessment

APSA Booth – 5A39

Presenter: Ryan Beruldsen

Cedar is a tablet app with utility across a range of domains which have human factor-related considerations. Cedar is based on NASA’s MATB-II desktop application which is widely used in human factors and operator workload research. It provides a benchmark set of tasks to evaluate operator performance and workload which can be used across experimental and trial contexts.

Refer to for further information.

Alisha Fisher
Managing Director
Asia Pacific Simulation Alliance

M: +61 412 442 642

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