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ICSILP Panel Discussion on The Future Soldier

In conjunction with LAND FORCES 2018, being held on 4-6 September 2018 in Adelaide, DST has convened a complementary event International Conference on Science and Innovation for Land Power 2018 (ICSILP 2018).

ICSILP is Australia’s premier event for defence researchers, industry professionals, and academics interested in transforming the military land force through science and technology. ICSILP will be presented on 5 and 6 September 2018.

A main attraction at the Conference will be the ICSILP Panel discussion with the theme: The Future Soldier.

Facilitated by Brigadier David Wainwright, Director General Future Land Warfare, the panel discussion will feature Today’s Soldier and the aspirational Future Soldier.

The panel discussion will include visual representations of soldier combat ensembles for these time horizons and presentations on how industry can engage with the Department of Defence on innovative land force advancements.

ICSILP addresses the question of how technology convergence, innovation and science can modernise armies to become more agile and potent in the challenging environments of land operations and can survive and counter emerging physical, electronic and cyber threats.

Program Correct as of 4 September 2018

Wednesday 5 September
City Rooms 1-4
Welcome and Opening (Chair: Dr Alex Zelinsky, Chief Defence Scientist, DST, Australia)
0830 - 0835

Dr Alex Zelinsky, CDS (DST, Australia)

0835 - 0850
Chief of Army Address
Lieutenant General Richard Burr, AO, DSC, MVO, Chief of Army (Australia)
0850 - 0905
Conference Opening Address
Minister the Hon. Christopher Pyne MP
0905 - 0920
Science and Technology Innovation Pitches
DST Scientists (DST, Australia)
0920 - 0945
International Collaboration as a Tool for Technology Convergence
Ann Cataldo, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Defense Exports and Cooperation (USA)
0945 -1030
Morning Tea
Plenary Session (Chair: Dr Peter Shoubridge, Chief Land Division, DST, Australia)
1030 - 1100
MAJGEN Kathryn Toohey, Head Land Capability, Army Headquarters (Australia)
1100 - 1120
UK Land Capability Development
MAJGEN Chris Tickell, Director Capability, UK Army Headquarters (United Kingdom)
1120 - 1140
Communicating the land power narrative
MAJGEN Karl Engelbrektson, Chief of Staff Swedish Army
1140 - 1205
Overview of Agency for Defense Development Ground Autonomy
Dr Hodong Seok, Vice President The 5th R&D Institute, Agency for Defense Development (Republic of Korea)
1205 - 1230
Strategic Direction for Army S&T: Opportunities for Collaboration
Dr Tom Russell, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Research and Technology (USA)
1230 - 1330
Autonomy: Game-Changer for Army
(Chair: BRIG David Wainwright, Director General Future Land Warfare, Australia)
1330 - 1355
Advancing Embedded Systems
Dr Bob Sadowski, Chief Roboticist, Tank and Automotive Research Development and Engineering Center (USA)
1355 - 1405
Army's Robotics and Autonomous Systems Framework
LTCOL Robin Smith, SO1 Robotic and Autonomous Systems, Future Land Warfare Branch, Army Headquarters (Australia)
1405 - 1520
"From Current to Future Soldier Combat Ensemble – What? How? When?"
Includes top potential game-changers by panellists, soldier presentations and a Q&A session."

Panel Chair:

BRIG David Wainwright
, Director General
Future Land Warfare, Australia


Travis Reddy, CEO (DefendTex, Australia)

Dr Bob Sadowski
, Chief Roboticist (Tank and Automotive
Research Development and Engineering Center, USA)

Prof. Saeid Nahavandi
, Director Institute for Intelligent Systems
Research and Innovation (Deakin University, Australia)

LTCOL Robin Smith
, SO1 Robotic and Autonomous Systems, Future Land Warfare Branch, Army Headquarters (Australia)

Dr Torgny Josefsson
, Research Leader Land Personnel Protection (DST, Australia)

Dr Nicholas Beagley
, Research Leader Land Human Systems (DST, Australia)

Autonomy Enhancing Land Power
(Chair: Robert Bolia, Lead Autonomous Systems Strategic Research Initiative, DST, Australia)
1520 - 1530
Pitches for Interactive Sessions
1530 - 1600
Afternoon Tea - Interactive Session 1 (City Foyer)
1600 - 1620
AI in Weapons: The Moral Imperative for Minimally - Just Autonomy
Jason Scholz, TAS D-CRC (Australia)

Jai Galliott, University of NSW (Australia)
1620 - 1640
Ravos: Exercising Contextually Aware Distributed Autonomic Control in Land Vehicles
Brendan Sims et al, DST (Australia)
1640 - 1700
Concept Development of Autonomous Multi-Purpose MHE for Logistics and Combat Service Support
Guy Gallasch, DST (Australia)

Alex Schutz, University of Adelaide (Australia)
1700 - 1720
Quantifying and Predicting Human Performance for Effective Human-Autonomy Teaming
Anna Ma-Wyatt, University of Adelaide (Australia)

Justin Fidock, DST (Australia)

Hussein Abbass, University of NSW (Australia)
1720 - 1740
The Role of Rejection within the Trust Calibration Process: Insights from a Mixed-Methods Human-Robot Teaming Experiments
Tony Nguyen and Graeme Ditchburn, Murdoch University (Australia)

Justin Fidock, DST (Australia)
1815 - 2200
LAND FORCES 2018 International Defence and Industry Dinner
(Pre-purchased dinner ticket required for ICSILP 2018 delegates)


Thursday 6 September
City Rooms 1-4
Plenary Session (Chair: Peter Shoubridge, Chief Land Division, DST, Australia)
0830 - 0900
Delivering Advanced Technologies for Complex Problems. Innovation where it Counts
Gabby Costigan, CEO & Brad Yelland, Director of Engineering & Technology, BAE Systems Australia
0900 - 0925
ATLA's Plan for Land Force Research Activities Based on the Defense Technology Strategy and Technology Outlook
Toshihito Noma, Director Ground Systems Research Center, Acquisition Technology and Logistics Agency (Japan)
0925 - 0950
Technology Convergence Innovation in the SAF
Mr Quek, Chief Defence Scientist, Ministry of Defence (Singapore)
0950 - 1000
Pitches for Interactive Sessions
1000 - 1030
Morning Tea - Interactive Session 2 (City Foyer)
1030 - 1055
The Challenge in Science & Technology, Innovation for Land Force of Thailand
LTG Sirasak Yuttapawet, Director General, Defence Science and Technology Department, Thailand Ministry of Defence
1055 - 1115
US National Defense Strategy and Indo-Pacific Command Science and Technology
Martin F Lindsey, Aerospace Expert, on behalf of the Science & Technology Advisor for U.S. Indo-Pacific Command (USA)
Technology Convergence Innovation Session 1 (Chair: Axel Bender, Acting Program Leader CAFS Integration, DST, Australia)
1115 - 1125
Technology Convergence: Setting the Scene
Axel Bender, Acting Program Leader CAFS Integration, DST (Australia)
1125 - 1150
A Defence Technology Agency Perspective on Science and Innovation in the Land Domain for the New Zealand Defence Force
Dr David GalliganSection Leader – Military Operations Analysis, Defence Technology Agency (New Zealand)
1150 - 1300
1300 - 1330
Autonomous Maneuver for Multi Domain Operations (MDO) - Army S&T for 2028 and Beyond
Dr Philip Perconti, Director, Army Research Laboratories (USA)
1330 - 1350
Development of Tracked Combat Hybrid-Electric Vehicle
Hidetaka Taira, Takeshi Yoshikawa and Koki Jumonji, Ground Systems Research Center, Acquisition Technology and Logistics Agency (Japan)
1350 - 1410
Enhancing Army Training and Education with the Bright Fox System

Philip Temby, DST (Australia)

Luke Thiele, Rheinmetall Electronics (Australia)
1410 - 1430
Biomarker-Enhanced Free-Roam VR Technology for Tactical Training

Eugene Nalivaiko and Frederick Walker, University of Newcastle (Australia)

Anthony Swinsburg, Zero Latency (Australia)

Daniel Harrison, Army Headquarters (Australia)

Eugene Aidman, DST (Australia)

1430 - 1450
Body Armour with Power Storage Capabilities
Tim Bussell and Jie Ding, DST (Australia)

Caiyun Wang, Kewei Shu and Yu Ge, University of Wollongong (Australia)
1450 - 1500
Pitches for Interactive Sessions
1500 - 1530
Afternoon Tea - Interactive Session 3 (City Foyer)
1530 - 1550
Advanced Munitions: 3D Printed Firepower
Bryce Dolman, Andrew Hart, Ian Johnston and Chad Prior, DST (Australia)
1550 - 1610
Decision Support System Architecture for Threat Object Detection in Defence Environments
Canicious Abeynayake, DST (Australia)
1610 - 1630
Best Paper Awards and Close of Conference
Peter Shoubridge, Chief Land Division, DST (Australia)