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ICSILP Panel Discussion on The Future Soldier

In conjunction with LAND FORCES 2018, being held on 4-6 September 2018 in Adelaide, DST has convened a complementary event International Conference on Science and Innovation for Land Power 2018 (ICSILP 2018).

ICSILP is Australia’s premier event for defence researchers, industry professionals, and academics interested in transforming the military land force through science and technology. ICSILP will be presented on 5 and 6 September 2018.

A main attraction at the Conference will be the ICSILP Panel discussion with the theme: The Future Soldier.

Facilitated by Brigadier David Wainwright, Director General Future Land Warfare, the panel discussion will feature Today’s Soldier and the aspirational Future Soldier.

The panel discussion will include visual representations of soldier combat ensembles for these time horizons and presentations on how industry can engage with the Department of Defence on innovative land force advancements.

ICSILP addresses the question of how technology convergence, innovation and science can modernise armies to become more agile and potent in the challenging environments of land operations and can survive and counter emerging physical, electronic and cyber threats.

Further information on the ICSILP conference program will be available shortly.